Holiday at Brakkie New Year 2013

Christl took some really amazing photos while we were away in Brakkie at the beginning of January…  

Lagoon. A view of the river running into the sea taken from the house.


Reflections in the early morning. The tide was a high now and she got a beaut shot of a very calm river.


Boats tied up at the riverside. I love the view of the sea out of focus in the background.


Houses at the back of the island. Beautiful reflections in the early morning river.

Daddy and his boy. Thinking about going for a swim...

Swimming pool in Paradise!

A couple in the sunset. How nice is that?

Paddling at dusk. What a way to unwind? Watching this while having a sundowner.

The Island from above. The house on the left with the grey/blue roof at the edge of the river is where we stayed (and from where some of these pics were taken).


Island View closer up

The Bridge. Elevated view of the little bridge we use to get onto the island. A car can only just fit onto it!

Low tide. Check the brakkish water of the river. Like tea!

John Paddling. Check the paddling style! What a pro!

Taking LB for a ride.

Any Dassies there? Checking amongst the rocks for dassies.

Beaut shot of a surfer taken from Delfino's restaurant in Mosselbay.

LB on that bridge I mentioned earlier.

Higher tide: With the tide higher now, the river is full. Chrstl captured a seagull in flight.

My Boy!

Duck in the river. Some nice reflections in the water captured here.