Peugeot South Africa Service

I took my Peugeot 307 for a service on Monday and was quite disappointed with the way one is treated.  I think that it must be the same for any vehicle that doesn’t have spares manufactured in South Africa.  I needed a new battery as well as new brake pads.  The total damage was over R7000.  I wonder whether these agents take advantage of the fact that they have a captive market.

If you’re thinking of buying a Peugeot or Renault or Volvo, seriously, think again.  There’s a reason that they have no resale value.  Buy a Toyota or a Nissan or an Opel. 

The guys at the service centre (Peugeot Northcliff) also reported a leak in the water pipe feeding the water pump and told me on the phone that it was a serious problem that had to be fixed urgently.  They quoted me R4000!  I was shocked and wasn’t about to pay R4000 on top of a service that was already going to cost R7000.  When I said that I would have to have it done somewhere else, the agent told me that they wouldn’t be able to guarantee that I’d be able to drive the car.  I wondered whether that was typical “scare tactics”.

When I went to collect the car the agent said to me in his words “its not like the water is pissing out, but they could see some water marks”. 

I think that agent is going to be getting a pretty good Christmas bonus.

I have reported the whole incident on Hello Peter, after seeing about 30 posts there, just for Peugeot Northcliff for 2010!  I’m surprised that Peugeot South Africa haven’t done anything about that dealership yet.  I’m not expecting any response from them either, but I did challenge them to do something about it.    The post hasn’t been moderated as I write this, but it should appear in this link

If anyone else has an axe to grind about Peugeot, leave a comment.